Not that long ago it was common place for people to build their own homes, and everything they needed. To take tools of bright steel, hewing and carving what they needed from the woods around them. The joy of traditional craftsmanship is in the building, in the transforming of raw often green wood from the local environment into beautiful, lasting works of functional art.


Huge stately timbers of green oak, expertly joined to their brethren, stretching upwards to embrace the sky and provide a loving canopy to shelter our lives. Smooth and curvy strands of fragrant shavings, tumbling to the floor to give rise to a perfectly crafted spoon, dough bowl or kitchen cabinet. These are the joys of the traditional country craftsman, and what we wish to share with you. 

In our quest as homesteaders we have had to master many of these all but forgotten crafts, which were so essential to everyday life here in the Appalachian mountains.
We now seek to share this experience with you. Starting this year we are offering Timber frame classes here at our homestead.

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